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PITTSBURGH (KMOX) – The St. Louis Blues were able to laugh off newcomer Brayden Schenn’s 3rd-period penalty, in which he looked more like a softball pitcher than a hockey player.

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Back on its heals, St. Louis was defending a two-goal lead with 7:40 remaining in the third and on the penalty kill. The puck was deflected up in the air to Schenn, standing directly between the face-off circles. He caught it, then had basically a brain cramp and under-hand chucked the puck out of the Blues zone.

It was a two-minute minor for closing his hand on the puck, and eventually led to Pittsburgh scoring two goals in a 14-second span to send the game to overtime.

Thankfully, Alex Pietrangelo netted the game winner for St. Louis and the guys were able to laugh off Schenn’s penalty.

Paul Stastny was with KMOX’s Blues broadcast team, Chris Kerber and Kelly Chase after the game:

(This conversation starts at the 2:15 mark)

Chase: Did you have a chance yet to ask Brayden exactly what was going through his mind when he threw that fastball pitch in the slot there?

Stastny: There’s plays, and there’s plays. And you might as well check that one off. I think we waited until we won, and then we told him, “You know, what a bad call that was. Just shocked.” He goes,”I think I was in a box before the ref even called a penalty on me.”

Chase: He looked around like he wanted to say something for a second, then he just puts his head down, like he’s got no answer.

Stastny: And he’s got no one around him which is the worst part.

The better news for Schenn was that he also scored in last night’s game, in the first period:

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