ST. LOUIS (KMOX) St. Louis Cardinals president of baseball operations was featured on Friday’s night Sports Open Line with Alex Ferrario. You can listen to that full conversation here:

Here are some of the highlights from that interview:

(3:40) Ferrario: The name Giancarlo Stanton is attached to a lot of teams, how important is it for you and this organization to find that big time bat?

Mo: Well again I do feel like having a player in our lineup that creates fear is important. I haven’t quite put a name or a face on what exactly that looks like, but you know that’s what we’ll spend the next few weeks trying to decide, how we should think about our targets and hopefully, as I said earlier, be able to hit the ground running when the time comes.

(6:20) Ferrario: As president of baseball operations when you watched Mike Matheny this season, are there improvements that stick out to you that you hope that he makes for the next season?

Mo: Sure, and I think like all employees including myself I mean we can always get better at what we do, and having that self evaluation or self reflection is important… Ultimately we want to be able to look at Mike, and his staff and try to optimize what we get out of them. I think a lot of the things they do they don’t get a lot of credit for, as far as from the public standpoint, but they work tirelessly. They’re always looking at ways to improve their own skill set and Mike’s no different.

So you know a lot of people I think we’re calling for his head over the last few months, and you know I feel it’s unfair. Hopefully as we readjust our staff people realize the importance of what we think Mike.

(7:30) Ferrario: Do you have to have any conversations with Mike, with all of the fan reaction talking about how they want him gone?

Mo: Mike looks at media and that type of feedback as not something that eats him up. Whereas I do try to tell him that you know adjustments and giving him some feedback on what I think could help. I do that from time to time but I do use the offseason more than sort of in game moments.

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