By Ryan Wrecker

I started writing this article about the many opinion pieces on Puerto Rico and our response. I was going to compare it to our response on Flint, which is an ongoing issue that still isn’t fixed. But I just couldn’t do another blog talking about problems.

It made me think… what are the important things YOU will remember about 2017?

Will it be filled with memories of Donald Trump becoming President of the United States? How about the many natural disasters? North Korea? Las Vegas shooter? Cyber insecurity? Paris Climate Accord? Kneeling in the NFL?

How easy is it to get caught up in all of that… when the toxic commentary stacks up and never ends.

You know what I’ll remember?

I’ll remember the amazing group of people welcoming me into KMOX. From Steve Moore and John Sheehan who gave me the opportunity of a lifetime… to everyone else we share a floor with at Olive and Tucker.

I’ll remember my son getting ready to turn 3 years old. I’ll remember carrying him home because walking a few blocks to the park can be really tiring. I’ll remember him moving a stool to our window so he can peek over the windowsill and check if the neighbor kids are outside playing.

I’ll remember the look on my wife’s face when she knew we found the house we were going to make a home. I’ll remember her unending support moving further way, all because she wants me to be happy in the things I do to support our family.

What I’m trying to say is that we all have become too engrossed in the things we can’t control. Make it a point to remember the things you can control, and the good things that happen in your life each and every day.

NOW with that said… here are some comments from the past week. Message me on Twitter – @RyanWrecker

This means a lot… thank you John!

Does anyone else have the impulse to load up AIM and sign on… one last time?

I can’t believe that there’s already Christmas ads on TV! That’s scary…

THIS is the power of overnights! We reach 44 states, Mexico and Canada, reaching all kinds of people who can’t sleep or work best when everyone else is in slumber.

It’s amazing what dogs think they can get away with.


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