By Lisa Payne-Naeger

There’s a crispness in the fall air in St. Louis that just has you craving the flavor of pumpkin. Yes, autumn is a great time in out city and here in the Midwest, our pumpkin flavored dishes just enhance the experience of the season. Well, you’re in luck because you won’t have to go far to find someone offering a great pumpkin pie, coffee, soup or some other creative culinary pumpkin surprise. So, grab a sweater and go out and enjoy autumn and pumpkins in St. Louis.

Pie Oh My!
2791 Sutton Blvd.
Maplewood, MO 63143
(314) 704-4416

One of the great things about St. Louis is that it’s a big city that hasn’t forgotten the charm of small towns and neighborhoods. We are full of small businesses that offer unique fashion and flavor you won’t find in bigger, impersonal settings. Pie Oh My! is just that kind of place and it’s a great place to find your favorite pumpkin flavored baked goods. In the fall and winter, pumpkin is one of the favorites, gracing their inventory. So, don’t limit yourself to just pumpkin pie. Also look for chocolate pumpkin, or pumpkin walnut crumbles. Tarts, cupcakes, pies and more await you there. Check it out and savor the pumpkin.

Pint Size Bakery
3133 Watson Road
St. Louis, MO 63139
(314) 645-7142

If you are in the south city area, or even if you’re not, make a stop in to Pint Size Bakery for some pumpkin delights. Fresh from scratch doesn’t get any better than this. Everybody needs a specialty baked cookie, muffin, cookie or scone, along with a great cup of coffee every once in a while. And this fall you’ll want to check out their pumpkin treats. After you order your maple pumpkin latte, add a drunken pumpkin muffin with rum chatta syrup to go with that. Take home some mini pumpkin loaves to the loved ones and maybe add a pumpkin muffin or two to your order.

Eckert’s St. Louis Farmer’s Market
11520 Gravois Road
St. Louis, MO 63126
(314) 722-3988

Everybody in St. Louis knows and loves the Eckerts farms. They are a great family destination for those who love to spend the day picking apples, peaches and pumpkins as well as enjoying the outside farm fun atmosphere. And fall harvest time is a great time to celebrate everything pumpkin, especially at Eckert’s. So, while you are picking your pumpkins, don’t forget to stop but he Eckert’s Farmer’s Market and pick up some pumpkin butter as well as some other great apple butters, honey, salsas and produce. It wouldn’t be surprising to see some pumpkin flavored baked treats there as well. 

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Thies Farm and Greenhouses
Pumpkin Land 2017
4215 North Hanley Road
St. Louis,MO 63121
(314) 428-9878

What better way to immerse yourself in everything pumpkin than to celebrate fall at Thies Farm’s Pumpkin Land 2017. Enjoy picking pumpkins, wagon rides, face painting, pony rides and more. But before you leave on of the two Pumpkin Land locations, make sure you shop the Farm Market and pick up some pumpkin butter and pumpkin baked treats. You’ll find a full array of home grown produce and other great eatables that grace the harvests of fall at Thies Farms.

Fritz’s Frozen Custard 
1055 St. Catherine
Florissant, MO 63031
(314) 839-4100

Yes, there is a fall chill in the air. And maybe you’re not thinking of ice cream right now, but you would be missing out on a great fall treat if you don’t make a stop to one of the many locations of Fritz’s Frozen Custard for a pumpkin spice crete. Thick and creamy, cold and flavorful. The experience is almost intoxicating. And it’s a favorite of many, many St. Louisans. While pumpkin is the most favorite fall flavor, it’s not the only one, so go to Fritz’s and dive into the fall flavors, including pumpkin spice. 

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