ST. LOUIS (KMOX) – Josh Donaldson, Giancarlo Stanton, J.D. Martinez and a number of other MLB sluggers could be the big offseason get for the St. Louis Cardinals this winter. Ryan Fagan, baseball and college hoops writer with Sporting News, even has another name to throw in the mix, Baltimore Orioles shortstop Manny Machado.

ryan fagan colorpng 18muvq9o18ql6zej25k7bz8hs Ryan Fagan: The Cardinals Can Make Massive Upgrades, But Will They?

Ryan Fagan, photo from

The conversation between Fagan and our Chris Hrabe begins at the 3:30 mark:

Here is a section of Fagan’s assessment of what opportunities could lie ahead for St. Louis’ offseason:

The Cardinals are absolutely in position, in terms of payroll, in terms of the current system to make big moves.

Obviously Josh Donaldson is a name that’s been going around a lot, and even with media folks outside of St Louis, he’s connected there. Giancarlo Stanton is a guy that’s been out there, he has maybe a little bit more appeal because Josh Donaldson is a free agent very, very soon, so you don’t want to give up too much to get a guy who’s going to be leaving after a year.

They have the ability to go out and get pretty much anyone who is available in the trade market, the question is will they do it? Will they commit the money? Will they commit trading these prospects?

And maybe because of the way that some of the prospects have sputtered a little bit, maybe Randal Grichuk’s struggles at the Major League level will make them more likely to maybe trade someone else.

They’re certainly in a position to make massive upgrade on the free agent market. Or maybe a they’re setting all their sights on getting a guy like Manny Machado, after next year, as a free agent. I mean who knows, but they are certainly in position to make massive upgrades in either free agency or the trade market.

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