ST. LOUIS (KMOX) – Thousands of veterans and their family members buried at Jefferson Barracks National Cemetery are getting new grave markers today.

Among the tens of thousands of upright markers at Jefferson Barracks National Cemetery, there are seven sections baring the names of people like Jeffery Brown, who died in 1984, his wife Andrea, or Herbert Meyer, who died in 1984, that are marked with flat grave markers. That’s because between 1982 and 1987, that’s all they used at Jefferson Barracks.

For years family members wanted upright markers like the other ones in the cemetery and so the V.A. and those family members finally worked out a compromise. Today they will dedicate the 3 foot square granite stand-up markers. They marked flat grave site markers so as you drive through the cemetery you can see where these flat markers are. On the monument there is a plaque that tells the story of why the flat markers are being used.

A long struggle for many family members will end today with the dedication all these markers at two o’clock at Jefferson Barracks National Cemetery.

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  1. Jeff Hunter says:

    Yes! My Dad passed away in 1986 and his burial headstone is a flat one. My Mom is interred there with my dad as of now, but back when he passed we (the family) were not happy that he did not have a upright headstone like all the previous military members received in years past. I wish that he had an upright headstone. But back when he passed we didn’t press the issue. Have to say though I’ve seen that they’ve started putting upright headstones back when a Vetran gets interred there. My dad and mom’s grave is in section “BB” grave 203!

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