ST. LOUIS (KMOX) – Seven parents in the Lindbergh School District say what was supposed to be a program to teach kids abstinence included a sex survey that violated student privacy.

The survey questions were pointed, questions about sexual experiences and attitudes. Parent Catherine Jochens says the permission form she signed didn’t say her then 7th grade daughter would fill out a sex survey, which pried into students own sexual attitudes and practices.

“I really thought that those were questions such as rate the instructor, how were the materials, things like that,” she says.

Also she says the permission form promised anonymity for students. Instead, she says, the kids filled out their birth date, race and zip code, and their fist and last initials, making it easy to identify them.

The Lindbergh School District released a statement saying it takes student privacy “very seriously”, and is looking into complaints by parents to make sure the program is compliant with federal requirements.

There is also a petition by parents to make comprehensive sex education part of the Lindbergh curriculum.

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