Forget the horror flicks, it’s wallets that are getting slashed this Halloween.

According to the Market Place, The National Retail Federation estimates a record $9.1 billion in spending this October.

More than 179 million Americans will celebrate Halloween this year and the average amount spent will be $86.13. A total of $3.4 billion will be spent on costumes this year. Of that $3.4 billion, 48 percent is spent on adults and the rest is spent on kids and then pets.

On a sweet note, even though candy prices have declined since 2013, $2.7 billion will be spent solely on candy this year. figures if you’re spending that much, you might as well get it right. Check out this interactive map that will tell you the top halloween candy by each state. Missouri’s favorite is Milky Way and Illinois has a new winner – Sour Patch Kids.

The NRF survey also found that 47 percent of people plan on shopping for costumes at a discount store and the other 38 percent will go to Halloween-specific shops like Halloween City, Halloween Express and Spirit Halloween.

The final portion of the overall $9.1 billion spent on Halloween this year comes in the form of $3 billion worth of decorations.



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