ST. LOUIS (KMOX) – Young cancer patients at St. Louis Children’s Hospital will now have a new – and louder – bell to ring to mark the end of their chemotherapy. A new 12-foot bell was raised, Wednesday, next to Interstate 44 a Big Bend Rd.
grace rings the bell Big Billboard Bell Rings For Kids Who Defeat Cancer

Next time a child rings this bell at the hospital, a staff member will use a phone app to make the new bell, 10 miles away, start ringing simultaneously. Highway drivers, visitors of the St. Louis County Library’s Oak Bend Branch and other local businesses will know each time a child “wins another round against cancer.”

Siteman Kids at St. Louis Children’s Hospital says anywhere from 5-10 children per month ring the bell.

“Our kids are so excited when they get to ring that bell, they what it means right from the start of their treatment,” says Jenny Brandt, a certified child life specialist at St. Louis Children’s Hospital.

OUTFRONT Media senior account executive Joe Waller was on site as the bell was raised, and says he’d never heard of a billboard that made noise when the hospital first pitched him the idea earlier this year.

A long rope dangles from the bottom of the big golden bell, but it’s just a for-show bell pull. Speakers are wired to the side of the billboard and angled towards the interstate.

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