ST. LOUIS (KMOX) – “The flag brings real patriots to their feet, not their knees.”

That’s how Missouri Gov. Eric Greitens begins his latest Facebook post, sharing his thoughts on the recent rift between the NFL and President Donald Trump when in comes the National Anthem.

Many players have taken to kneeling during the National Anthem before games as a form of protest, which brought backlash from the president, who tweeted that those who kneel should be fired or suspended.

Missouri’s Republican governor recalls his time spent as a Navy SEAL: “Even today, out of uniform, my body reacts by instinct when I see the flag. Eyes front. Heels together. Toes apart. Back straight. Arms at my side.”

The respect for the American flag is a common denominator between all branches of governments and ranks, he writes, and “some of the most important rituals in the military” revolve around the care and symbolism of the American flag.

“In the service, we gave the flag its proper respect,” he says.

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When the flag is raised, Americans stand, Greitens states: “When people refuse to stand for the flag, they make that moment about them. It’s a shame that some people would use our country’s greatest symbol of selfless service for a selfish act.”

“We’ll always have differences as a country, but the flag deserves reverence from all of us, no matter our disagreements.”

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