ST. LOUIS (KMOX) – St. Louis is coming together around a proposal to Amazon for downtown and the riverfront, despite some bumps in the regional road. That’s the reassurance from St. Louis County Executive Steve Stenger.

“As I said from the beginning, 50,000 jobs anywhere in our region is incredible, and it’s a game changer,” he says.

Instead of a public meeting at East-West Gateway, all of the regional elected officials got a telephone briefing yesterday on the plan. Staffers are trying to keep the details under wraps. Stenger notes that even if the 50 thousand jobs go to downtown and East St. Louis, those employees will live from O’Fallon to O’Fallon.

“It’s going to make our entire community, our entire region better, so I’m very happy with it being there,” he says.

Last week Joe Buck was on KMOX touting the pitch that St. Louis could be a company town for amazon, much like it was for Anheuser-Busch. Now, ordinary St. Louisans are doing the same under the hashtag #STLhustle.

St. Louisans are being urged to record their videos of why they live in and love the city, and post them to social media.

Katy Jamboretz, of St. Louis Economic Development Partnership, says most outsiders know we have the Arch and the Cardinals, but not much else.

“They don’t know we have one of the biggest trail systems in America, that we have one of the best light rail systems connecting two airports. That we have world class cultural amenities hat are mostly free, and one of the biggest Urban parks in the country. So it’s all that stuff that bubbles up when people start to tell their STL story,” she says.

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