Washington DC (KMOX)KMOX News reached out to Missouri and Illinois lawmakers to find out what they felt about President Donald Trump’s statements on the Iran Nuclear deal.
Democratic U.S. Senator Claire McCaskill sent this statement:

“My number-one goal is to make sure Iran never gets a nuclear weapon—and that we don’t lose the willingness of our allies to impose the toughest possible sanctions as an enforcement mechanism. A man I trust with our national security, President Trump’s Defense Secretary General Mattis, recently said that this agreement is in the best interests of our national security—so I will wait to hear from him and the rest of his national security team about how exactly they plan to move forward.”

Republican U.S. Senator Roy Blunt also sent a statement which says:

“The Obama administration struck a bad deal with Iran. The nuclear agreement handed the leading state sponsor of terrorism $100 billion in sanctions relief and allowed the regime to continue pursuing a path to a nuclear weapon. Since the agreement has been in effect, Iran has conducted numerous ballistic missile tests, violated multiple legally-binding arms embargoes, and continued providing material support to international terrorist groups. I support the administration’s action and will work with the president and my colleagues to hold Iran accountable.”

KMOX also received a statement from Illinois Congressman Rodney Davis which reads:

“In 1994, President Clinton made this promise to the American people of his nuclear deal with North Korea,‘They will freeze and then dismantle their nuclear program. Our other allies will be better protected. The entire world will be safer as we slow the spread of nuclear weapons… The United States and international inspectors will carefully monitor them to make sure it keeps its commitments.’

“Today, we’ve seen the impact this deal has had. North Korea is estimated to have anywhere from 10 to 20 nuclear weapons and we’ve seen by recent aggressions their willingness to use them against the U.S.

“In 2015, the Obama Administration took the same naïve approach, but this time, with the world’s largest state sponsor of terror. Concession after concession by the U.S. led to an unverifiable and unenforceable deal that gave Iran an influx of cash and other economic resources to put towards terrorism and their nuclear program.

“In response to bipartisan concerns about the deal, Congress passed the Iran Nuclear Agreement Review Act in 2015 by a vote of 400-25 to put further oversight over Iran and expedite Congress’ ability to restore sanctions if they do not comply. I’m glad President Trump has decided to reevaluate this dangerous deal and work with Congress to prevent a repeat of North Korea.”

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