ST. LOUIS (KMOX) – A Chesterfield Police officer is thanking some theatergoers, for helping him arrest a man who was carrying a backpack, talking to himself and acting suspiciously at the Galaxy 14 Cinema on a recent Saturday night.

Sgt. Gary Gunn says one employee and a handful of customers jumped right in as the 47-year-old 6’3″ officer struggled with the 26-year-old 6’10” suspect.

After he wrestled him to the ground, Gunn says customers held down his arms, legs and upper body until he was able to cuff him.

The suspect was jailed ovenright. The backpack was empty, except for a piece of clothing, headphones and a phone charger.

Gunn says the struggle left him a little sore, but thanks to those in the theater, that was all.

“Without their help, it could have been possibly a much worse situation,” he says.

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