Ryan Wrecker (@RyanWrecker)By Ryan Wrecker

Dear Amazon,

By the time you’re reading this (if you’re reading it at all), you’ll already have dozens of thoughtful development pitches from cities all across the United States and Canada.  Every day this week, a steady flow of fresh packages will be delivered until we pass the HQ2 submission deadline.  I’m guessing the proposals will be directed to a team who will start to organize and discern the best candidates. They’ll be filled lots of numbers, testimonials, colorful graphics, photos, and logistics that will help you make an informed decision.

I’m going to spare you the sales pitch. Just six months ago I moved to St. Louis and want to share my experience.

As a transplant to the area, everyone was just… different. But in a good way.

People drive a little faster and move a little slower. It’s like they know where they’re going and can’t wait to get there. I don’t blame them, especially if they’re getting to a restaurant. The food here is awesome.

Neighbors actually want to talk to you. It goes beyond a friendly wave. My wife has made friends with the people who live on both sides of our house, and I’ve enjoyed the conversation with the neighbors across the street on a few occasions. We mostly bonded over our young children, but one time Dave did lend me his socket set, which helped me fix a loose screw on my car.

The parks here are amazing. We first started visiting the parks as a destination to take our kid, but everywhere I go the parks are being used not only by parents but every age demographic you can imagine.

But what stands out the most – people here take risks. They’re not comfortable with ordinary, nor have they stopped innovating. In food, art, or the community. St. Louis takes risks, which means the people care.  They want to innovate, and they have the next big ideas.

If you want to be unique, if you want to do more with your life, you take risks.  St. Louis inspires me to be… better.  It encourages me to take risks.  I think you, above all other things, can respect that. I hope you can see it firsthand.

If you can only see the same things I’ve seen, you would choose St. Louis for your second headquarters. I hope to see you soon.


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