ST. LOUIS (KMOX) – It seems a national real estate website has learned what some Maplewood residents have known for years – Maplewood is “MapleWeird.” looked at the hottest “hipster” markets in the country and ranked Maplewood number 14, based on how hot the housing market is and how many times the word “hipster” was used in Yelp reviews about Maplewood businesses, coming in above places like Minneapolis, Denver and Eugene, Oregon.

Adelle Pease works at Strange Donuts, and she doesn’t necessarily like a corporation labeling her town, but she doesn’t disagree.

“I agree, because part of hipsters is we like things that aren’t like big name brand companies, we like things that are local, locally owned and everything,” she says.

Strange Donuts owner Jason Bockman, a self proclaimed hipster who, despite his aversion to labels, agrees that Maplewood loves its small businesses, community events and overall weirdness.

“We have taste of Maplewood, Let Them Eat Art, Christmas Tree Walk, the Beer Walk, Traveling Band walk, there’s a ton of stuff to do here,” he says.

Both he and Pease say they feel safe in Maplewood, and like the variety of local businesses, including artisan coffee shops, book stores, and even a cat cafe.

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