ST. CLAIR, ILL. (KMOX) – St. Clair County state’s attorney was the first to sue big pharmaceutical companies in Illinois over the opioid crisis.Now in light of Sunday’s 60 minutes report, Brendan Kelly says he may expand that lawsuit.

“It is mind-boggling for me to be able to see, as it is for most people I think, to see lobbyists and big pharmaceutical companies working together with members of congress and people in both parties, both administrations, to undercut law enforcement’s ability to protect us,” he says.

He says the DEA reports in 2015 in St. Clair County alone, prescriptions were written for over 9 million oxycodon and hydrocodon pills. There are only 280 thousand people in St. Clair county. He says what should have happened is distributors should have notified the DEA once they saw a surge of prescriptions to one area.

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