ST. LOUIS (KMOX) – A group of 32 in the Democratic Central Committee sends a letter to the Mayor of St. Louis, Interim Police Chief and the entire Board of Alderman focused on policing, racial equity and policy change.

“It’s pretty frustrating for a broad swath of the city for none of this stuff, for no action to have been taken up to this point,” says 8th Ward Democratic Committeewoman Annie Rice.

The letter quotes the Forward Through Ferguson report that says “we cannot return to normal, because the anger that boils below the surface in St. Louis will continue to erupt in our region over and over again unless we commit to working toward racial equity.”

Rice says the number one call is for a city-wide public safety plan.

“We are not saying that the policing itself is the cause of crime in the city, or that they alone should be responsible for fixing crime in the city, because I think we all understand that policing itself cannot solve all of this. There are root causes that need to be addressed,” she says.

The group is also calling on interim police Chief O’Toole to be disciplined for what they call ‘the brutal crackdowns on nonviolent protesters and citizens’.

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