ST. LOUIS (KMOX) – The American Civil Liberties Union asks a federal judge to rule whether St. Louis police violated the Constitutional rights of Stockley verdict protesters.

“What we have seen is multiple instances of improper and unconstitutional police conduct. For example, arbitrary use of chemical weapons, kettling, directions to individuals to stop recirding, arbitrary arrests,” says Jeffrey Mittmann is with the ACLU of Eastern Missouri.

The suit asks a federal judge to set some ground rules on how city police deal with protesters. So far several protesters have testified.

Police shared their story as Lt. Timothy Sachs recalled that it was officers who were under fire most of that Friday and into the evening, when things moved from downtown to the Central West End.

Sachs, who commands the city’s SWAT and Civil Disobedience Teams, recalled several instances when his officers came under fire from protestors hurling rocks, bottles, and even a broken sewer lid at them.

He said as they were trying to move people out of the Central West End people were dropping things down on them from rooftops and parking garages along Euclid.

But it was the attacks on Mayor Lyda Krewson’s home that he said finally forced him to order the deployment of tear gas and pepper spray.

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