ST. LOUIS (KMOX) – License Plate reading cameras could be installed on the Clark Bridge in Alton before Christmas. That’s the word after a weekend meeting where the city’s police chief faced questions from those who aren’t sold on the idea.

While Chief Jason Simmons says the cameras are needed to catch criminals coming in from north St. Louis County, some residents are worried they’ll be used to give tickets for red-light and other traffic violations.

But during a Saturday morning question and answer session, the Alton Telegrah reports, Simmons assured them the cameras can’t be used for those purposes.

Simmons and officials from Godfrey and Madison County want to install the cameras, which spot stolen vehicles and those whose owners are wanted for felonies, to reduce violent crime, opioid abuse and Christmas-season retail theft, much of which Simmons said will originate from Missouri.

The $40 thousand cost of the four cameras, would be paid for with drug forfeiture funds.

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