Brian Kelly (@brpkelly)By Brian Kelly

ST. LOUIS (KMOX) – St. Louis police say Tuesday morning’s raid conducted with the FBI at the south-side home where Isaiah Hammett was shot by officers in June netted two robbery suspects, stolen property and weapons.

But Hammett’s mother is asking why the two had to be arrested at her father’s home in the 5400 block of South Kingshighway, and why flash bangs were used in the bedroom where her two children were sleeping.

“They could have caught them on the street. They could have gone to their mom’s house,” says Gina Torres.

Torres says police told her they had been following the two suspects for a week, and had been watching the home, which is owned by her 71-year-old father.

The raid came, she says, as she was trying to call an ambulance after waking up to find her father unconscious. Torres says she was going to open the door, when officers and agents burst in.

“I’m screaming. They’re all coming in. They’re shooting flash bangs where my kids are in there sleeping. I have a 6-year-old and a 10-year-old who are already traumatized from their brother being murdered in this house.”

Torres says the suspects taken into custody were rarely at the home.

She says the children were picked up by an aunt. Her father was taken to a hospital.

Police say officers were executing a search warrant. The FBI says it was a law enforcement operation authorized by the court.

Torres believes they raided her home in retaliation and to cover up evidence that she says shows her son never fired at officers before they killed him.

Our earlier story:

Lots of FBI and police activity at a home in the 5400 block of South Kingshighway — the same house where, back in June, Isaiah Hammett, 21, was shot and killed by St. Louis police.

KMOX’s Brian Kelly is on the scene.

He reports that FBI and police have left house, taking two men into custody.

Brian Kelly spoke to a relative of the family on the scene who says FBI kicked door in this morning — initial incident reports went out just after 6 a.m.

State Rep. Bruce Franks has just arrived at the scene, along with with John Chasnoff.

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