Budweiser is taking a step back in time, way back to the Prohibition era.

This holiday season, Budweiser celebrates the repeal of Prohibition with a beer inspired by Adolphus Busch’s beer recipe dating back before 1920.

This vintage beer wasn’t released anywhere other than St. Louis, until now.

According to Budweiser, the new beer “consists of a light, hoppy aroma and rich caramel-malt taste.”

This reincarnation was “tweaked” a bit from the pre-Prohibition recipe and is a 6.1% ABV amber lager, higher than original Budweiser’s 5% ABV.

The 1933 Repeal Reserve Amber Lager comes packaged in “vintage Budweiser stubby bottles.” The limited-time beer is a holiday release that coincides with the 84th anniversary of the repeal of Prohibition.


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