SPRINGFIELD, ILL. (KMOX)– Thanks to budget cuts in Springfield, Metro East motorists are going to be seeing changes to the way their roads are maintained.

Facing a $305 million funding shortfall, I-DOT is cutting funding sent to local agencies by $50 million. St. Clair County Engineer Norman Etling says he’s losing over $262 thousand, which will likely mean some roads won’t get the repaving they need when they need it.

“Instead of repaving it with asphalt they might oil and chip it, a different grade of repair that doesn’t last as long,” he says.

And if we have a harsh winter?

“What we’ll probably do is prioritize the plowing, and decrease some of the maintenance,” he says.

Monroe County Engineer Aaron Metzger says departments in his county are losing over $100 thousand. The $73 thousand his department is losing could prompt him to put off buying new equipment or delaying in routine road oiling.

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