By Ryan Wrecker

For the first time in forever (and please don’t sing the related “Frozen” song in your mind when reading this), my wife and I went on a date night. Through her mom’s program we had the opportunity to drop our son off and enjoy a few hours to ourselves. It was great, and I know my wife really needed it too.

On the quiet ride, we found ourselves only bringing up small talk about our kid. The whole point of date night is to engage with our partner, discuss ideas, tell stories, share thoughts and just overall be people. But we found that we couldn’t stop thinking like a parent. Not even for just a few hours.

We went to The Slider House and loved the friendly staff and delicious food. But if I wasn’t thinking about our son, I was fighting something else that was just as mind consuming.

“I should check my phone.” “Maybe you have a message on Twitter.” “Maybe someone updated a post on your fantasy hockey site.”
I fought the impulse to check… because it was date night, and we don’t have many of those together as a couple. But it was on my mind, and it was hard to not let it distract me.

Then just Sunday, I was reading an article in Business Insider about Bill Gates and Steve Jobs, “seldom let their kids play with the very products they helped create.”

It makes sense. If adults can’t handle but to check constantly, what chance does a child?

They limited the role of technology in the home. And I think that’s going to be essential in the future as things get even worse. When I was growing up, our time was limited by the sun, not the screen. When the street lights came on, we went home. I hope my son has something he loves more than social media.

Now for some of your Tweets:
Not sure I can sign off on that. Not that it’s bad… I just like the plain ol’ classic lettuce.
I get it… you want to eat healthy… pssh…
It’s interesting to read about LBJ’s involvement in the KKK.
I for sure have crossed the “old man” line.
In future news… Ken Bone is still not Mr. Belvedere.
Me too. The guy is great.


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