Kevin Killeen (@KMOXKilleen)By Kevin Killeen

AFFTON, Mo. (KMOX) – A board member of the Affton Chamber of Commerce, Charlie Merx, says he first noticed the problem just after the Jason Stockley verdict.

With police apparently busy elsewhere with protesters, Merx says drug activity spiked at the Marian Heights Shopping Plaza where he owns a flooring store.

“We’ve had multiple issues of people using heroin in cars and passing out,” Merx says. “It’s a serious increase.”

Merx says drug users are also shooting up under the nearby highway overpass at Interstate 55 and Bayless, while others hold signs on the street level asking for money.

Affton resident Deb Woods says she has also seen a marked increase in drug activity around the area.

Woods says a drug dealer in a Camero at a nearby 7-11 asked her if she wanted some “H” — a street name for heroin.

Woods has also seen people passed out in the Marian Heights Shopping Plaza, even navigating around one drug user to get to a restaurant.

“One day I was going to the Subway sandwich shop there and I had to walk over someone — I initially thought they were passed out drunk — but they had the needle still sticking in their arm,” Woods said, “And you had to step over that person to walk on that sidewalk.”

Woods says Affton is “on the abyss” and could end up “like the state streets,” unless the community comes together to face the heroin problem in the area.

Merx has passed out flyers to area businesses urging them to call the police non-emergency phone number right away when they see suspected drug activity.

A St. Louis County narcotics detective familiar with opiates sent KMOX an email offering to provide information, but he was not available for comment Wednesday afternoon.

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Comments (2)
  1. This article could be greatly improved if it also provided suggestions for what to do if you encounter a situation where someone is likely having a medical emergency. “Go get a sub sandwich” is definitely not the right answer.

  2. “Like the State Streets”? Seems to be a tinge of hate here from not only the reporter but the people interviewed. How are you helping? Honestly I hope protesters shut down every Subway in south county. People like Deb Woods are the PROBLEM! I don’t believe addiction is a disease. I believe it’s a choice. And apparently people in south county are choosing to get high on heroin. I believe the problem lies in the community as a whole. I have lived on or near what you call the “State Streets” for 10 + years not once have I ever had to walk over a junkie on a sidewalk. Seems to me that the problem is YOUR community. Since you want so much separation from us in the city. Fix your own problems quit blaming us. Quit blaming non existent protesting. No one is protesting in Affton or Bayless area. Maybe you should protest and express how you feel about these junkies. Or maybe offer to help. Otherwise expect more of it and younger casualties. Advice from a city resident…

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