ST. LOUIS (KMOX) – This weekend, students of Circus Harmony, based in City Museum, will be learning the art of unicycle basketball from Kip Jones, veteran member of the King Charles troupe, a unicycle troupe that began in 1958 in the south Bronx as a way of keeping kids off the streets. The troupe eventually signed with Ringling Brothers and traveled the world.

“The the way that they started the unicycle club in the south bronx, we’ve started doing the circus in all different neighborhoods including ferguson. And one of theyoung men from our ferguson circus classes is part of this unicycle act,” says Jessica Hentoff with Circus Harmony.

If you’re at City Museum this weekend, you just may see them practicing in their glass big top on the third floor. The basketball unicycle act is part of Circus Harmony’s big show, “Legato” in January.

Debbie Monterrey is the honorary chair of Circus Harmony’s “Juggling Ball” at City Museum on November 18th.

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