By Ryan Wrecker

Last Thursday, I had a once in a lifetime opportunity. I was asked by the family of Bob Sievers to introduce him into the National Radio Hall of Fame.

First, before you make fun of the odd sight of seeing me in a tux, I want you to know I wish I wasn’t in it either. A tux is a confusing grouping of clothing if you’re not used to wearing one, or going to fancy events where it’s required. But the consensus is that it looked good on me.

My wife and I drove to Chicago for the ceremony. A long drive to Chicago that my wife spent either sleeping or playing on her phone. Traffic was terrible, but that’s expected in the area. When we got to the hotel, I got ready and walked to the museum.

I spent the night with the Sievers family, who shared stories of their dad. But what stood out to me was how he always saw his listeners as “friends.” They were truly friends, not just in the general sense but the actual sense. His number was listed in the phone book and he always took time to answer the call when there was someone in need. He would focus on just one person and a missing dog when he knew it meant the world to them. He treated every morning as a way to help someone new. If only we all treated every day with the same eagerness to help.

After the few minute speech, a video screen was wheeled out, they played that portion of the induction and I welcomed Bob’s daughter on stage to accept the award. She talked about how he always wanted to be remember, and she thanked everyone for the honor.

And that was it. The night was over. Nice meal, even nicer night. On my way out I ran into talk show host Bruce DuMont who took me to the Hall of Fame studio. It was there I met Jim Bohannon, Walter Sterling, John Records Landecker and actor Brad Whitford. Spent about an hour there and went back to the hotel for a well needed rest.

It was humbling to put his career into perspective. A hall of fame career condensed in minutes. But the memories will last a lifetime.

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LOOK at that hail! That came out of nowhere.

GO GO Power Rangers! That show has really lasted.

Maybe I need to start dressing up at work when the boss thinks I’m slumming it up.

Agreed! What mad man puts cheese under the burger patty.


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