ST. LOUIS (KMOX) – There are many ways to cope with this latest mass shooting. A clinical psychologist with Great Circle suggests the three A’s – avoiding, adapting, or altering.

Dr. Alice Luten-Karand-Jeff says adapting is a recognition of sorts.

“There is risk in life. We all have to deal with the limits of our own control, and so how do we adapt our own thinking? Some people may choose to talk over their feelings, some people may seek counseling, some people may just take some time to think about how this resonates with the lack of control we all experience in our lives, and do we deal with that philosophically or spiritually,” she says.

She says some may avoid the tragedy by turning off the news or taking a break calling it a perfectly reasonable choice. You may also react to this mass shooting by turning your attention to altering the policies you believe relate to the tragedy. She says be flexible and realize you can actually experience all three at different times.

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