Brian Kelly (@brpkelly)By Brian Kelly

GODFREY, Ill. (KMOX) – A couple returning home from a Maryland Heights casino was attacked by armed robbers in Godfrey early Monday morning.

Madison County Sheriff’s Department Capt. Mike Dixon tells KMOX the couple got to Union School and Humbert roads when the suspects moved in.

“A vehicle pulled in front of them and cut them off, in a more secluded area than what they had been in. Two armed men with partial face masks and hoodies jumped out of the car and approached them with firearms.”

Dixon says the suspects walked up to both sides of the car and broke out the driver’s side window. They then dragged both occupants out of the car and demanded money.

One suspect hit one of the victims in the head with his handgun, causing a minor injury that did not require medical attention.

While the victims say they didn’t hear it, Dixon says there was a bullet hole in the car, indicating a shot was fired.

“It’s unknown if it accidentally went off when the subject struck the window or if the subject shot the window, causing it to bust.”

Dixon says when the suspects went through the car looking for money, the victims ran away and were able to call for help.

The suspects, including a getaway driver, fled in a four-door, older model white vehicle, southbound on Humbert into Alton.

While the couple did say they believe the suspects had been following them, Dixon says an initial review of surveillance video indicates the suspects had not followed the victims all the way from the Hollywood Casino.

“It’s a particularly alarming and scary situation,” says Dixon, who warns the suspects, “If they continue with their behavior, we are going to apprehend them.”

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  1. Nelson Woods says:

    I don’t believe this report. The police should be skeptical of this whole thing. This is about as real as the two women lost at sea for five months. I call Hoax on this story.

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