SPRINGFIELD, ILL. (KMOX) – New Illinois legislation aims to make sure dads play an active role in their children’s lives after divorce.

The Shared Parenting bill requires courts to presume a child is best off spending equal time with both parents when deciding custody. It’s sponsored by State Representative LaShawn Ford.

“When you go to court, the court can set the time the proper way by clearly going into the court room and giving each parent a full evaluation and a fair look, and that’s what this bill is all about,” he says.

Ford also wants to require judges to write out why they rule the way they do. Several father advocacy groups like “Dads Can Too” and “Illinois Fathers for Equality” are lobbying for the measure.

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  1. Here is a novel idea… how about following up on child support??? I have been divorced almost 8 years and my children WERE in the system and the STATE WAS taking support payments for distribution and now??? some incompetent person somehow just dropped us from the system.. so the kids’ dad can pay what he wants, when he wants IF he wants. Thanks a lot ILLINOIS.

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