ST. LOUIS (KMOX) – A proposed first-of-its-kind law in the nation would ban gun ownership for anyone in Illinois convicted of animal abuse.

“People that have abused animals, every study has said they abuse women, they abuse children, they’re serial killers. … So what we’re saying is if you’re convicted of animal abuse, no guns for you the rest of your life,” says Jerry Elsner, executive director of the Illinois State Crime Commission.

He says Illinois also led the way on banning gun ownership for those convicted of domestic battery.

Under the proposed law, those convicted of abusing an animal would be denied a Firearm Owners ID card, or have their current license revoked.

Elsner admits he will likely face a stiff backlash from the NRA and defenders of the Second Amendment, but says if such a law saves even one life, it will have been worth the effort.

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Comments (6)
  1. Jon Warner says:

    And they are nearly always either registered Democrats or offspring of liberal Democrats. Go figure.

  2. So who thinks another ban, law, waiting period whatever is going to stop a “serial killer” from killing. And who makes the decision of who or what constitutes animal abuse? A hunter hunting deer, a farmer trapping a fox to protect his chickens that he kills for food, someone that de-claws their pet kitten. Really? Someone actually sat down and had the time to consider this to further their agenda of a gun free utopia. LOL!

  3. Jay Eimer says:

    The legislator has his correlation backwards. While many serial killers had various flags in their past, one of which is animal abuse, it does not follow scientifically or statistically (per the rules for rigorous statistical analysis) that all guilty of abusing animals end of killing a person, let alone being a mass murderer, spree killer or serial killer.

    As far as that goes, there are many accused (and a few fined) for misdemeanor level (or less) “animal abuse” that is nothing more than forgetting to bring a dog in from the cold, or having it get loose. Or having a car break down and being late getting home – but as a result leaving the dog on a chain in the heat of the day (never would have happened if they had gotten home mid morning as planned, for example).

    And then there’s the “scale” issue. A similar argument is made about those who molest or rape small children. The sex offender registries relegate these people to 2nd class citizen status with all the restrictions on where they can’t live, etc. Not that this is necessarily bad – but the registries frequently make no distinction between the guy who rapes and murders 5 year olds and the guy who got chased out of the bar at closing time without being allowed to use the restroom first and then gets arrested for public urination behind the building. And yet these (and the 18 year old boys with 16 year old girlfriends) are treated the same as the child rapist.

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