ST. LOUIS (KMOX) – The holiday travel rush is on for people across the country packing up to see family for the Thanksgiving holiday weekend. AAA Spokesman Robert Sinclair says if you want to avoid the rush, you may have to delay the trip and travel on the holiday itself.

“We recommend, if your destination is close enough, traveling Thanksgiving day itself. That morning the roads will be empty. No matter where you go, when you go, there’s going to be a lot of traffic,” he says.

Jeff Lea is the spokesperson for Lambert Airport. He says there will be between 22 and 28 thousand people *departing* from the airport today, and just as many arriving.

That’s more than 50 thousand travelers at the airport.

But, as Lea says, Lambert won’t be as busy as other airports like Chicago and New York.

“I think people will be thankful that our airport is not as busy. When it comes to days like this, we do have congestion, we do have traffic, but some of those big airport hubs will be busier, and if there’s any weather involved, that makes it worse. Good news today, the weather is great here in St. Louis.

While today is the busiest day for travel before Thanksgiving, Lea says Sunday will be even bigger – with people trying to get back for work or school.

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