ST. LOUIS (KMOX) – Yes, it’s true, in Canada they also celebrate Thanksgiving and St. Louis Blues captain Alex Pietrangelo has a few must-have dishes at his annual Turkey Day feast.

Chris Hrabe has a holiday edition of Petro’s Perspective this week, and he asked Pietrangelo about his Thanksgiving traditions. We learned that he and the family usually went to church on Thanksgiving morning, which surprised Hrabe.

Hrabe: For my money, which there’s not a lot of, Thanksgiving, best holiday. Food, sit around and it’s acceptable to watch football for like 14 hours. As a kid, we never had to go to church, that was a bonus. How do you like American Thanksgiving?

Pietrangelo: You know what, it’s actually not all that different from us back home. I mean we still go to church, eat turkey, and it’s kind of the same.

Hrabe: You do go to church in Canada on Thanksgiving?

Pietrangelo: Yeah, we kind of as we got older kept complaining about it and we kind of grew out of it, but me and my wife go, we go to church on a regular basis.

Hrabe also found Pietrangelo’s power ranking of Thanksgiving side dishes:

1. Stuffing, crispy or soft
2. His wife’s mashed potatoes
3. Wine (it’s kind of a side dish)

You can hear the full conversation between Hrabe and Pietrangelo here, as they also talk about

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