ST. LOUIS COUNTY (KMOX) – St. Louis County Executive Steve Stenger is not budging in his opposition to providing more money for the long-delayed Loop Trolley project.

“Given the information that we have, I’m not going to move forward with a recommendation to make the additional appropriation that they’ve requested,” he says.

Loop Trolley backers have said they won’t be able to start up service early next year as planned without a quick infusion of $500,000.

Stenger says he does believe the Loop Trolley will find a way to start operating next year — they’ll just have to do it without any further financial help from the county.

“I have not seen a project that costs tens of millions of dollars halted because of $500,000,” he says. “That’s simply not reality; that’s just now how the world works.”

St. Louis County has already contributed $3 million to the project.

“The Loop Trolley company had asked St. Louis County for $4 million, and at that time, I made a recommendation for $3 million, because I believed they had made the case for $3 million, and that was assuming that the project was going to be completed,” Stenger says.

Trolley backers are hoping that St. Louis city, University City or private donors will still be able to help them raise the money needed to launch the service.

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