ST. LOUIS (KMOX) – Missouri Governor Greitens’ efforts to reshape the state board of education has many wondering what his end game is. In recent months, Greitens has appointed five of the eight members of the board without Senate confirmation.

Many believe the governor wants to expand charter schools and institute school choice or vouchers. This week House Democrats accused Greitens of violating state law by removing one school board member without “due process,” an allegation Greiten’s spokesman says is “flat wrong.”

The head of the St. Louis city teacher’s union, Local 420 President Sally Topping, says charter schools cannot be expanded in the state without being unionized

“I’ve worked in a charter school, I know how people are there about unions. They’re just waiting, they’re just waiting for the invitation. I think it’s low hanging fruit,” she says.

Topping says plans are in the works to organize the some 2000 employees of St. Louis charter schools, a move she says would attract good teachers, lower turnover rates and raise student test scores.

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