St. Louis, MO (KMOX) – A husband goes the extra mile to try and find his wife a kidney.

“I had surgery scheduled and things were going great and a week before surgery, they cancelled it,” recalls Kathy Andrews. Andrews says she had built up an antibody that would have rejected the kidney her step son offered to donate. “That’s when we felt pretty desperate. Worried because I was on dialysis. I had 5 percent kidney function and needing the kidney.”

With good friends owning a sign business, Kathy’s husband Bill decided to advertise her need — on the back of his truck.
He had a wrap put on the tailgate that said “Help! My wife needs a kidney.” and listed their phone number.
They’ve had countless calls and have collected a list of potential donors. In the end it was their grandson who ended up being a match. “People don’t realize how many people are needing a kidney and how it changes lives. My whole world is different with it.”

They’ve kept the message on their truck for now. Kathy has two friends in desperate need of a donor.


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