ST. LOUIS (KMOX) – One of downtown’s largest buildings is on the brink of activity again. The million square foot Railway Exchange building was may company’s headquarters and the flagship Famous-Barr department store, but nobody’s shopping there this year. Macy’s closed it all up and the building sits vacant.

“The architecture of that building is incredible, like many of the historic buildings that are down here, our architecture down here is something that you don’t see in every urban area,” says Downtown STL Inc. President Missy Kelley.

Kelley was asked if there’s still an effort to lure city Target to the space.

“We have talked to Target in the past and we are still talking to Target, because it’s really what everyone wants and it really feels like that’s the perfect space for it,” she says.

In cities like Portland and Chicago, Target has tapped historic downtown department stores for their ‘City Target’ concepts, but Kelley says a lot of things have to come together for that to happen in St. Louis, probably including more downtown residents.

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