By Ryan Wrecker

I’ve heard there’s a lot of trends for the “millennial generation” that define me.   We’re looked at as the avocado toast ordering, mama’s basement living, video gaming, socialist loving free loaders… and we need to adjust to what you think we should be.

If you could stop telling me what I want, that would be great.  I’m going to raise my family with the love of the Lord in our household, and don’t want the government to tell me what is acceptable to my faith outside of my home.  I want accountability with our elected officials and clarity on how they’re spending our tax dollars.  I want to maintain privacy without the government tracking the things I’m doing.

What I really want is to be left alone by the government.

Bottom line — stop thinking that anyone under the age of 35 is incapable of having rational thought or opinion, even if many simply decide to not use it. Challenge anyone to explain their opinion, to look at the facts, and come to a conclusion that’s independent from a talking point.  It can be hard to tell the difference between not understanding and not caring.

And if you’re out of hope for the younger generation, just look towards me and Overnight America as a beacon of hope that not all is lost.

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This is FOR SURE counter clockwise. I don’t even see it the other way.

Went with the mug. Much easier to swish it around in my mouth.

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KIDS have you sleeping with one eye open


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