St. Louis, MO (KMOX) – A St. Louis man is hours away from an organ transplant.  He sat down with KMOX to talk about the wait.

Glen Kemper has known for more than a year that the time he would need a new kidney was drawing near. “I know where this train’s going and it’s only going one way, too. It had been very far off in the distance, not even a speck, and pretty soon it got brighter and brighter and closer.”

Glen has PKD, polycystic kidney disease. Cysts on the kidneys cause them to fail over time.
It’s a genetic disease. Both Glen’s mother and brother are transplant recipients.
He says the reality started to hit during his first tests for a transplant — as he sat waiting for a blood draw. “This printer’s going and going and going and finally she pulls off like an arm-length of stickers. And then there’s vials on a rack on the wall and she’s pulling them down to her rack on the shelf and she just kept pulling vials and vials and more tubes and vials.”

Glen’s donor has asked to remain anonymous, but he suspects it’s someone he does know. “Obviously I don’t know the motivation for this person. But I will honor it, in exchange for a kidney. Are you kidding me?!? I can do that.”

One the eve of the procedure Glen says it still seems surreal. At the same time he says clearly sees a future where this is behind him and he’s living an active life.


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