ST. LOUIS (KMOX) – For a third straight week, civilian employees of the St. Louis County police department packed into the St. Louis County Council meeting.

They’re still seeking a bigger slice of the Prop P pie, which is boosting a 30-percent raise for police officers while most civilian employees are looking at just 3-percent.

Police worker Tiffany Pyke was among those taking exception to the disparity.

“I don’t mean to sound ungrateful for a 3 percent increase, because I am grateful for an increase, any little bit helps, but I will continue to fight for a pay matrix that addresses the compression issues that the police professional staff are facing,” she says.

Council chairman Sam Page addressed the issue following the meeting.

“I think there’s a diversity of opinions and the best way to address it is to let everybody on the council tell us what they’re thinking. We know that we have a budget shortfall,” he says.

He says they’re still looking at ways in which Prop P dollars could further boost the pay of civilian police workers, and they’ll discuss it in committee later today.

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