ST. LOUIS (KMOX) – Major League Soccer has a final four cities, but only two will be awarded professional franchises next month. St. Louis was technically in the running up until this point, but a failed public vote in April effectively killed the plan.

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Nashville, Cincinnati, Detroit and Sacramento will make their case to the league’s expansion committee on Dec. 6, in New York City. The two cities chosen will bring the league, currently at 23 teams, to 26 teams in 2020 – the third team is David Beckham’s side in Miami).

Spokesperson for the MLS to STL, Jim Woodcock tweeted on Wednesday afternoon that Paul Edgerly, chair of the St. Louis ownership group “remains interested in the next phase of MLS expansion.”

In 2015, MLS announced plans to expand to 28 teams and 12 cities submitted bids before the January 2017 deadline to be considered. The eight remaining cities, including St. Louis, could still fight for the No. 27 and 28 squads, but the MLS has not yet given a timeline on when that bidding process will begin. Eight cities still remaining are St. Louis, Charlotte, Indianapolis, Phoenix, Raleigh, San Antonio, San Diego and Tampa Bay.

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In August, a KMOX reporter was told by St. Louis alderman Joe Vaccaro that, he was hearing rumblings about a buyer’s group possibly coming forward to build a soccer stadium in St. Louis. The deal was rumored to be a blend of private money, with a tax break from the city, and some type of land giveaway. He said at the time:

“What I believe is that there is a plan B out there and we will end up with soccer in the city. Now, do I have concrete evidence? No.”

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