ST. LOUIS (KMOX) – St. Louis County Police tell KMOX News violent crime on Metrolink is down, as a pilot program is planned to test the effect of keeping freeloaders off the trains.

Captain Scott Melies says they’ve made about 650 arrests and seized 40 guns this year on Metrolink, but violent crime is down ten percent.

“St. Louis County added six additional police officers, which brings our total in St. Louis County to 44 officers patrolling the trains… It is safe to ride the trains, my own daughter rides the trains,” he says.

Starting in February temporary barricades go up at the North Hanley, Forest Park and Fairview Heights stations to see if keeping freeloaders off the train lowers crime further.

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Comments (2)
  1. This article is total BS! I have been riding the MetroLink trains for over 10 years and has only gotten worse. There are daily physical altercations, shootings, robbery, drug dealing, drinking, panhandling and general harassment of paying passengers. These nonpaying thugs are running the paying passengers to other transportation options. Metro Security is at the barest minimum, you are at the mercy of these thugs once the train is rolling and Metro does not care! This article is being used to counter the constant bad publicity from passengers over the failure of MetroLink to provide a safe enviroment.

  2. As someone who rides back and forth to work I have seen panhandling but that is all. None of the rest of what you describe. If it is so bad why are you still riding?

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