Children in Haiti Need Your Help

The final day of the Brace for Impact 46 Challenge has arrived.

Let me explain why I support Brace for Impact 46. At first, I donated because I was intrigued by the work being done in Haiti by people like Kyle McClellan & Adam Wainwright, and then I went to Haiti.

Former Cardinals pitcher Kyle McClellan with the children at IDADEE orphanage in Haiti (Credit: Steve Moore)

I don’t have the words to clearly paint a picture of reality in Haiti, but please indulge me while I do my best.  The level of poverty is heartbreaking and lack of infrastructure is astonishing. The government is incapable of meeting few, if any, of the needs of the population. There is little food or clean water. The rivers and streams are polluted and they all feed into the bay. There are few natural resources. As we drove through the city we witnessed the hustle and bustle you might see in a big city, except there are few jobs and even less hope.

When we arrived at the EBAC orphanage, we were immediately greeted by the kids. As we got out of the van we are swarmed. The kids were curious to find out what, if anything, we might have brought along with us. That day we arrived with a new soccer ball and within minutes the dirt and rock covered courtyard was filled with kids playing soccer. Some kids had shoes but many did not. Let me tell you…these kids can play! Our traveling party joined in and played with the kids.

The children at IDADEE orphanage in Haiti (Credit: Steve Moore)

From there we traveled across town to the Joshua House where we would spend the next several days. The Joshua House is on the same property that is home to the IDADEE orphanage, a school, a place of worship and a new medical facility that is currently under construction. All of this is built by hand. Every cinder block is created onsite and made possible by the dollars donated with the sole purpose of supporting the orphanages and the neighboring community.

One of the many children at IDADEE orphanage in Haiti (Credit: Steve Moore)

When we visited the kids at IDADEE, I noticed that these kids were much younger than those we met at EBAC earlier. Dozens of kids with nothing to their names but the smiles on their faces. You quickly understand what a Christmas tree feels like – kids are hanging off of us like ornaments on a tree. They don’t know or care about personal space. They just want some attention. The people who work in these orphanages are angels, but there are too many kids for much one-on-one interaction. None of us cared how many kids where hanging off us. Playing with these kids was the least we could do.

One of the many children at IDADEE orphanage in Haiti (Credit: Steve Moore)

Without the work of organizations like Brace For Impact 46 and the Pittsburgh Kids Foundation there is no telling what would happen to many of these children. They might be on the street. They might be dead.

One of the many children at IDADEE orphanage in Haiti (Credit: Steve Moore)

Why do I donate to help kids in Haiti?

These children are not in this situation because of anything they did. I believe without that without my support and the support of those who contribute to organizations like Brace for Impact 46, the little things we take for granted everyday such as food, clean water, clothes, medicine, education and a safe, loving home might disappear.  My impact won’t fix Haiti today or tomorrow, but it might give one child a chance at a life and he or she might be the person to help fix Haiti in the future. Miracles have to start someplace. Why not here? Why not now?  Thank you for taking the time to read this and for your consideration.



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