ST. LOUIS (KMOX) – Opponents are still fighting the Delmar Loop trolley in court. The case is about five years old, but oral arguments are scheduled to begin this morning.

“I guess the real issue is whether or not the Loop trolley is going to conform with the law or conform with the court order that created it,” he says.

Tom Sullivan is spokesman for the unhappy University City residents. He says they’re suing because the trolley goes a half-block beyond its legal boundary at Kingsland on the west and a block beyond Lindell to the south.

We asked Sullivan if the residents hope to halt the trolley in its tracks.

“The possible relief is simply that they’ll have to do it in a legal manner. That would mean going back to the voters within the Transportation Development District and getting it authorized for whatever boundaries that they want to have it set,” he says.

He says neighbors are already unhappy about all the overhead wires, which weren’t originally part of the plan.

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