ST. LOUIS (KMOX) – The author of the book “Cities Without Borders” says it may not be necessary for St. Louis city to become part of St. Louis County, at least not right away.

But, David Rusk does have a suggestion on how to make the region more competitive for business.

“Beef up your East West Gateway council governments, or your bi-state development agency, or even combine their functions so that they have more muscle behind the plans that they do. It would serve the region well,” he says.

Rusk was a guest of KMOX’s Hancock and Kelley.

He’ll be speaking at the Sheet Metal Workers Hall on Chouteau, Wednesday morning at 7:30. It’s free and open to the public.

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  1. I do not live in St. Louis but am familiar with city-County mergers. If the rationale is cost efficiency and effectiveness for economies of scale then careful timing is critical. If the reason is less than noble such as diluting minority voting power then it should not occur at all.. Unfortunately too many local jurisdictions are splitting into smaller municipalities for very much similar less noble reasons such as not sharing the wealth. Many of these new cities or towns merely contract services from the existing larger jurisdiction. These contract type jurisdictions really shouldn’t be created. Consolidation is beneficial for many reasons including better government. That does not appear to be the current direction for numerous localities.

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