ST. LOUIS (KMOX) – Giancarlo Stanton was introduced as the newest New York Yankees outfielder Monday, at the MLB Winter Meetings in Orlando. After the press conference, he told KMOX that one reason he didn’t want to be in St. Louis or San Francisco was because he thought neither team would have “a great product on the field” this season.

Stanton was asked if he ever considered waiving his no-trade clause, to allow the Miami Marlins to accept a trade with the St. Louis Cardinals.

“Before initially meeting with them, yeah, because they are great people and have a great history with them,” Stanton says. “So even if they weren’t ready this year, like I would have liked, I knew that they would within a few years.

“They are historic franchises, so I knew that they would figure out how to have a great product on the field within a few years. But I wanted to be ready this year.”

Cardinals president of baseball operations John Mozeliak, who is also in Orlando, also met with media at the end of the day Monday. He believed that Stanton’s intentions were “sincere” when he met with the Cardinals two weeks ago.

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Chris Hrabe and Mike Claiborne are in Orlando, and also talked to Stanton’s agent, Joel Wolfe. He restated Stanton’s desire to go to a team they believed was already built to win, like New York, Houston, Los Angles and Chicago.

Wolfe pointed out Stanton’s “near career-ending” injury in September 2014. Stanton was hit by an 88 mph pitch from Milwaukee Brewers pitcher Mike Fiers, just under his left eye. Stanton’s season was over after the injury, but was back for the start of the 2015 season.

Stanton, who the St. Louis Cardinals actively pursued this offseason, answered questions about his decision-making process during a press conference.

One question from Jim Hayes of Fox Sports Midwest asked Stanton directly if the Cardinals were close to changing his mind, and adding St. Louis to his list of desirable teams. He mentioned being able to watch St. Louis closely, as the Cards and Marlins share Spring Training facilities.

“(St. Louis) is winning first, culture, the fans, everything,” Stanton says. “It’s a great organization and we did have a good meeting, but I wanted to see my options to the teams that I originally chose.”

Another local media member, Derrick Goold of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch asked Stanton why he took those meetings with St. Louis and San Francisco, if he wasn’t planning on changing his mind. Stanton said, essentially, he was curious to see what they had to offer and wanted to “see how other organizations went about their business and how the city and everything would appeal to me.”

KMOX’s Chris Hrabe was covering the Stanton press conference, and will be in Orlando all week to cover Cardinals story lines. He was with Miami Marlins president of baseball operations, Michael Hill, who answered questions about the process of trading Stanton.

KMOX was also covering the phone conference with Marlins CEO, Derek Jeter.

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