Is your older iPhone running slow? Apple has acknowledged it does take some steps to reduce power, when an older battery is having trouble doing what the phone’s processor demands.

CBS News Technology analyst Larry Magid offers advice.

“If it bothers you, you could just buy a new phone,” Magid says. “But you could also just get a new battery for about $80. And that should bring your phone up to factory specifications so it would be about as good as it was the day you bought it.”

Apple confirmed that processors used in the iPhone 6, 7, and SE are intentionally slowed down by newer iOS updates to address aging lithium-ion batteries. The change is meant to reduce random shutdowns by throttling back the phone’s CPU, but that also leads to slower performance.

“Although it feels like a bug, it’s actually a feature,” Magid says. “The alternative, in some cases, can be the phone actually crashing. So in theory it should be a way to make older phones work better, but it also means they work slower.”

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