JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. (KMOX) – Many bird-lovers in the bi-state begin looking for bald eagles in the New Year. This winter, conservation officials say you may spot another majestic species.

Snowy owls are being spotted in the St. Louis area.

snow owl eye 1336723 Snowy Owl Makes Appearance in Midwest


While it may be a thrill for bird enthusiasts, it’s not necessarily a good thing for the birds, themselves.

Missouri Conservation officials say if snowy owls are traveling this far south, it means food sources have been scarce for them in their northern habitat.

They normally hunt in the Tundra, but in the Midwest, you’re likely spot them in grasslands looking for rodents, rabbits, and other birds.

Officials say try not to disturb them, as they’re already stressed due to the food shortage in their normal winter habitat.

Snowy owls are among the largest owls — some have wingspans up to 4-feet.

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