ST. LOUIS (KMOX) – Saying even a blanket of fur isn’t enough to withstand this frigid cold, officials with the city of St. Louis Animal Care and Control are urging residents to bring their pets inside.

Extreme low temperatures are dangerous to dogs and cats, they say, and pets should not be exposed to extremely low temperatures for extended periods of time.

If the animal can’t come inside, owners should make sure they have adequate shelter to stay warm, as well as access to unfrozen drinking water.

Through the “Free Straw for Warm Paws” program, Operations SPOT has made free straw available for pick-up at the Animal Care and Control shelter in the 28-hundred block of Clark Avenue.

Stray Rescue founder Randy Grim posted a Facebook video of his latest mission to save an abandoned animal, showing him pulling a shivering puppy from a car parked in an undisclosed location, and Grim makes no effort to hide his anger as he attempts to warm up the dog.

Grim took the puppy back to his trauma shelter for treatment and after some consideration decided to name the dog “Dippity Doo”.

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