UPDATED 1:12 p.m. Friday

MAPLEWOOD (KMOX) — Any hopes for a full re-opening of Hanley Road are on ice for the moment — it’s going to take a lot longer than expected to repair the water main break on Hanley between Manchester and Litszinger.

St. Louis County Transportation Department spokesman David Wrone says expect lane closures, and maybe a little ice, at least through the weekend.

“This is an emergency situation,” he says. “We’re, without having crews out there working, you’re going to see running water and then freezing water, on one of our major, arterial roads.”

Wrone says Missouri-American Water is working to try and cap the leak, and then county crews will temporarily patch the pavement.

Because of the cold, any permanent repairs will have to wait.

Previous reporting:

It’s more than cold enough to freeze water and break pipes, and that’s what happened underneath Hanley Road between Litszinger and Manchester on Thursday.

All lanes of Hanley are closed, except for one in each direction.

“This is a very heavily traveled arterial road, so obviously motorists are going to be affected by this,” said St. Louis County Transportation Department spokesman David Wrone. “We expect the lane reduction to be in effect until at least 5:30 tonight.”

That’s when he’s hoping Missouri-American Water Company can shut-off the main by. Your best bet is going to be to avoid the area until further notice.

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