ST. LOUIS (KMOX) -Another debate is brewing locally over tech and how it continues to encroach on more of what we do everyday. The last couple of years it was over Uber, and now it seems Airbnb is a point of contention.

Airbnb, Home Away, two services where people can rent out a room or their entire homes or apartments to short-term travelers. In Richmond Heights, they’re planning public hearings this new year over how to avoid nuisances in neighborhoods, and also on how to tax these new homespun hotel rooms.

Airbnb is also working on that last one.

“We are, I can let you know, close, I believe, to a tax agreement with the state of Missouri, which would be the first in the state itself, at the state level or the city level, or any level I guess,” says Airbnb midwest spokesman Ben Breit.

“These are, by and large, taxes that were developed with hotel in mind, with large companies, very difficult for your middle class host just doing this on the side…to try to figure that out,” he says.

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